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100% Organic, vivid varieties of apples grown in Kashmir aka The Heaven of Earth.


We are a group of people with decades of experience in growing and selling apples. We know what a good apple looks like and how they are grown. This essential fruit requires a temperate climate, loamy soil that is rich in organic matter apart from needing proper drainage and aeration facilities. Lucky for us we live in Kashmir which is proudly known as paradise of earth is also home to temperate fruits like apple for which the state is very famous across globe. The main factor which influence temperate fruit bearing trees is soil, climate and environment which are highly favorable and unparalleled in the province of Kashmir. Kashmiri apples a unique look, taste, flavor, size and color.

A man plucking apples from the tree


photo of amber apples


This red, medium-sized fruit becomes fully ripe in mid-October. It is mostly grown in Shopian and Kulgam.

photo of american trel apples

American Trel

A small, rounded, very crispy and sweet fruit variety that ripens in mid-September.

photo of red delicious apple

Red Delicious

A very popular and widely cultivated variety of apple that ripens in mid-September. Its flesh is greenish white, grainy and juicy.

photo of Maharaej apples


A large apple with red and green color. It tastes a bit sour but sweetens with time and is available by late October.

photo of Hazratbael apples


A quickly perishable variety that ripens in early July. It is the oldest variety of apples cultivated in the valley and is mostly consumed domestically

photo of Golden Delicious apples

Golden Delicious

A variety with comparatively longer shelf life, it is crispy, juicy and has thick greenish-white flesh which turns golden upon ripening. It is available till January.



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